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From the desk of the Chairman & Founder ::

In the past, it was said that to open a school is to close a jail. This adage is no more suitable in modern times. As everything change with the changing time, as the water of a river which passes under a bridge cannot flow through the same place again, similarly the past history can never get repeated.

The Motto of our school is “We seek perfection” in every sphere student’s life, a life of all-round development with joy & happiness. It is to prepare a child to live a life of perfect human being and to equip him with such knowledge that makes him/her succeed in every possible future life venture.

We in our school, try our level best to groom our students to become useful, helpful citizen with national favour, international outlook capable to interact with other human-being with love and reverence.

Mr. G.B.S. Ahluwalia

Through various school activities both academic and co-curricular, the students are made aware of their responsibilities towards their families, society, the world & towards themselves. 

The sole aim of our school is to prepare the students for life which would facililate them to face the transition to youth. From the world of school to the world of life. In the present times of cut throat competition , we endeavour to teach our students the value of a perfect human-being & make them aware of the basics of worthwhile human life and achieve excellence without treading on the rights of others. 

With the active participation of the parents and teachers we prepare our students to become Enviable human-being, who are always open to assimilate newer ideas and discard fundamentalism and such outdated values that restrain progress and degenerate human growth. 

For the last 40 years, the school has been actively serving the society by creating scholars who show outstanding results in every field of school life. With the Blessings Of Almighty and All Pervading “NIRANKAR”, we promise to ensure that our students would do remarkable things in their lives and create a niche for themselves in the society.

May God bless us !
Mr, G.B.S. Ahluwalia
Chairman & Founder