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Laboratories ::

Physics Lab :- The physics lab with the latest equipments, in order to develops analytical skills in the students are provided.

Biology Lab :- The lab is designed in such a manner with all the specimens of plants and animal life are kept so that the students feel involved in the Biological world.

Chemistry Lab :- All The latest equipments and chemicals in our chemistry lab are made available to guide the students to solve problems, by way of skillful practicals.

Mathematics Lab :- Mathematics lab create the right ambience of learning. It helps the students to learn mathematical concepts through activities and experiments. Math lab activities help to stimulate interest and develop favourable attitude towards mathematics.

Computer Lab :- Computer education has become a necessity in the modern times, to keep in pace with globalization, so it is the foremost responsibility of the school to spread computer literacy. For the primary, middle & senior sections very well equipped labs, for each level are provided.