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Admission Criteria ::


Choosing the right school for your child is clearly a very important decision. There are many factors to take into consideration as ; What the school is able to offer your child and will your child be happy in the school & enable to achieve his/her full potential are just few of many key issues. We have given a large range of information in our school prospectus which we hope will help you in your decision making.

Mode of Admission:

New session starts from the month of April Registration For Admission is done in the month of January. Only those children whose name have been registered, are admitted after a Verbal/oral or Written test. Incase of withdrawal from the school one month’s fee will be charged.

ADMISSION OPEN - 2016-2017

Admission Criteria:

  - Distance  20
  - Sibling  20
  - Alumini's Ward  10
  - Only Girl Child  10
  - First Child  10
  - Single Parent ( Female)  10
  - Single Parent ( Male)  10
  - First Come First Get  10

Admission Schedule (for 2016-2017) for Class 1st :

* Commencement of admission process. 01/01/2016 (Friday)
* Commencement of availabilty of application form for admission. 01/01/2016 (Friday)
* Last date of submission of application form in schools. 22/01/2016 (Friday)
* Uploading details of children who apply for admission under open seats.
 30/01/2016 (Saturday)
* Uploading marks (as per point system) given to each of the children who applied for admission under open seats. 05/02/2016 (Friday)
* The date for displaying the first list of selected Candidates (including waiting list) (along with marks allotted under point system). 15/02/2016 (Monday) 
 * The date for displaying the second list of Candidates (if any) (including waiting list) (along with marks allotted under point system). 29/02/2016 (Monday)
* Closure of admission process. 30/03/2016 (Thursday)

Document to be submitted with the Registration form :-

1. Birth certificate in original.  
2. 2 Passport size photograph of the students. 
3. 1 Passport size photograph of each of the Parent. 
4. Photocopy of Residence proof, attested by Gazetted officer. 

Document to be submitted at the time of Admission :-

1. Medical certificate.
2. Transfer certificate in original countersigned by the education officer.
3. Birth certificate in original. 
4. Valid proof of Residence. 
5. Distance of The Residence from the school .......... km. 

Fee Structure ::
ClassTurionDevelopment ChargesScience FeeComputer FeeGrand Total

I to II1650/-150/--50/-1850/-
III to V1750/-150/--100/-2000/-
VI to VIII2200/-250/--100/-2550/-
IX to X2400/-250/--150/-2950/-
Commerce with Maths & Art
Commerce with Computer
Science with Computer
XI to XII 
Science with Bio